Ever felt repetitive creating forms in your Angular Application? Let’s fix it.

During the Front-end development days it feels like there is a lot of repetitive code which I have to write to design my forms which are almost all the time very close one to another.

I’ve been recently looking into ways of automating it. The furthest I wanted to go…

In case you have to create a docker image fast and you find it tedious to do it manually there is a solution.

We’ll present you a way of doing it with gitlab and push it both to the docker.io and gitlab registry.

You’ll only need a Gitlab and Docker Hub account. Small project location: https://gitlab.com/c3159/node-chrom

Create an access token for your account both in gitlab and docker. Save them for later.


An integration of Spring Security 5 OAuth2 server with Spring the old Spring Security OAuth2 Authorization Server

Image by https://unsplash.com/@jefflssantos

With the new Spring Security 5 release and to complete my other post about Spring and Oauth2 I came up with a new how to on how to configure and integrate end to end an authorization and authentication framework within Spring.

The OAuth2 server is a spring application built around…

At some point, we all are into a position to learn, develop or to find a suitable algorithm, technology that facilitates searching. As always, depending on the need, time and budget various solutions can be implemented. Here I’d like to focus on the one I think it’s suitable for Medium…

Includes, good practices, other libraries integration, keeping the application natively opened, end to end testing, step by step explanation and CI pipeline built with Gitlab.


If you are a Java developer you’ve heard for sure about the new Supersonic, Superatomic Java framework, Quarkus, that can help you create a native…

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